Overload was a project I designed, pitched, managed, and developed at the in-house production studio of the Art Institute of California - Los Angeles called “Game Wizards”. It featured a blend of high-speed and high-skill gameplay based around the classic FPS franchises Tribes and Quake. Overload was worked on with a team of over 12 developers across 9 months and was showcased to a room of industry professionals.


Project: Overload

Platforms: PC

Engine: UE3 (UDK)

Studio: Game Wizards (AI-LA)





Title: Project Lead / Lead Designer





• Game Design

• Art Style Development

• Project Management

• Document Development

• Marketing + Graphic Design


• Level Design

• Asset Creation

• Materials + Post Process

• Particles

• Interface Design


• Programming (UnrealScript)

• Level Scripting (Kismet)

• Audio Implementation

• QA Testing + Management

• File/Build Management


• Pitch Presentation •

• Development Videos •


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