Primal Carnage is an online asymmetrical class-based multiplayer action title pitting groups of humans against hordes of dinosaurs. Players have the option to join in on the first person madness of the mercenaries, or take part in the third person carnage of the dinosaurs. The game features unique and balanced gameplay that stretches across two game modes and nine maps, providing plenty of opportunities to  experience the human vs dinosaur dynamic.


Project: Primal Carnage

Platforms: PC

Engine: UE3

Studio: Lukewarm Media





Title: Level Designer




• Whiteboard Development •

I was brought on to the project as a multi-purpose Level Designer to work on post-release content. My primary contribution to the title came in the form of the Get To the Chopper (GTC) expansion which was released for free to the public. I worked with the team to design, develop, and test the gameplay of the GTC game mode, while simultaneously working on the maps associated with the game type. I also spent a lot of time updating the original release maps for Primal Carnage, further set-dressing them, optimizing them, or generally tweaking them to a better state.


• Game Design

• Gameplay Implementation

• Game / Class Balancing

• QA Testing + Management


• Level Design

• World Building + Set Dressing

• Level Scripting

• Optimization


• Cinematic In-Game Animation (Matinee)

• Materials + Post Process

• Basic Lighting



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