Primal Carnage: Genesis is the single-player episodic prequel to the asymmetrical online multiplayer game Primal Carnage. It is in development for the next console generation cycle and is being released on Unreal Engine 4 accompanied by Geomerics Enlighten dynamic lighting technology (featured in Battlefield 4). Showcased by both Epic Games and Sony, the project was announced during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in 2013.


Project: Primal Carnage: Genesis

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC

Engine: UE4 (w/ Enlighten Tech)

Studio: Lukewarm Media





Due to the unreleased nature of this project, only limited content can be displayed.

Title: Level Designer




• Game Design

• Level Design

• Prototyping

• Scripting

• World Building + Set Dressing


• Materials + Post Process

• Lighting

• Optimization

• Modular Kit Planning

• Enlighten Integration



• Real-time Trailer Cinematics

(Directing + Effects + Animation + Optimization)

• Project Planning

• File Structure Design


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